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Obins Anne Pro 2 Keyboard Is Not Working on My MacBook Pro


If your Obins Anne Pro 2 keyboard is not working on your MacBook Pro, you can try resetting the Bluetooth on the device and changing its key mapping. However, this solution might not be suitable for all users. If you are unable to pair your device with your Mac, you can also try the methods described below. In addition, you can also use the Microsoft Bluetooth emulator to see if your Bluetooth is supported.

Obins Anne Pro 2 keyboard not working with MacBook Pro

If you’re experiencing problems with your OBINS Anne Pro 2 keyboard and your MacBook, you should first try to reset your SMC. In some cases, this issue can be attributed to a malfunctioning USB cable. To find out which cable is faulty, try to plug it into a different computer. If the keyboard is still not working after resetting SMC, the problem may be caused by a mechanical issue or a configuration problem on your MacBook Pro.

You might also encounter Bluetooth compatibility problems with the Anne Pro. In this case, the keyboard may fail to connect to the computer even after broadcasting a signal. Trying to resetting Bluetooth may also not work. The keyboard keeps appearing in the Bluetooth list and disappearing from it. If this is the case, you need to update the firmware of your Obins Anne Pro 2 keyboard to version 1.10.

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth keyboard, OBINS has you covered. This Bluetooth keyboard features the same functions as a MacBook Pro, but it’s made with a dual-layer PCB for maximum stability. Unlike other wireless keyboards, the OBINS Anne Pro 2’s switches produce virtually no noise and offer excellent tactile feedback. It’s perfect for competitive gaming and doesn’t cost a lot, either.

Resetting Bluetooth on Anne Pro 2 keyboard

Resetting Bluetooth on Anne Pro 2 keyboard is one way to solve the problem. It will stop it from being detected by your computer if it is paired with another device. This keyboard has 61 keys, but you can use them as 104 keys by reprogramming them or using several of them simultaneously. You can also connect the Anne Pro 2 to your computer via a USB cable to avoid Bluetooth connectivity. However, you need to enable Bluetooth support before pairing it with your computer.

After pairing the keyboard, you should look for the word “Bluetooth” in the system tray. The word should be blue. If you do not see any device in the list, try to reboot your computer and check if you can pair the keyboard. If it doesn’t work, you should restart your computer and check if you have an updated Bluetooth driver. If the problem still persists, you can try pairing the keyboard using another controller or smart phone.

In the case of the Anne Pro 2, the problem may be related to the device driver. Sometimes, the Anne Pro 2 keyboard will not respond to Google Chrome, which is because the device driver for this keyboard is outdated. To fix this, first make sure the device driver on your computer is up to date. If that doesn’t work, you can try reconnecting the keyboard using a USB cable. After resetting Bluetooth on Anne Pro 2, the keyboard should work as before.

Changing key mapping on Anne Pro 2

The default layout for the Anne Pro 2 keyboard is based on the ASCII-styled key map, and changing it is easy. However, the QMK software doesn’t officially support this keyboard, so you’ll have to manually change the keymap. To do so, you can download the KeymapCEditor extension for VSCode. KeymapCEditor provides a handy user interface for changing the keymap of the Anne Pro 2.

To change the key mapping of the Anne Pro 2, first install the ObinsKit software. The software can change the key mapping and RGB configuration, and even check the battery life. The lighting presets are nice, but you’ll likely need to pay a few bucks more if you want the audio reactive option. The software can be updated, however, to optimize connectivity to new MacBooks. You can also find the firmware version to download from Obins Lab.

If you’re looking for a wireless 60% mechanical keyboard, the Anne PRO 2 is an excellent choice. Its Bluetooth connectivity makes it compatible with different devices, including mobile devices and televisions. There are also Cherry switch versions for budget-minded users. The software also offers several customizable layouts, including lighting and key sensitivity, and even macros. If you’re a Mac user, download the ObinsKit software for Mac.

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