How to Stop Typing Erases Next Letter

typing erases next letter

You might have noticed that typing erases next letter while you’re writing a text. This happens when you try to insert a space between words, and the space erases the letter before it. While it’s a common problem, it can be resolved with a few simple steps. Read on to discover how to fix this common problem. Once you know what causes it, you’ll be able to stop typing and enjoy the benefits that typing offers!

Overtype mode is enabled by accidently pressing a key. This mode overwrites the next letter that you type, which is dangerous when editing sensitive business documents. If you accidentally activate this mode, you could overwrite entire paragraphs or introduce dozens of typos into your document. This feature can be disabled by holding down the key that enables it. If you accidentally turn it on, you should press the key that turns off the feature as well.

Another trick to fix overtyping is to disable the Overtype mode in Microsoft Word. By disabling the Overtype mode, the next letter will be replaced by the previous one. If you’re worried about losing text, you can use the Undo command in Microsoft Word to undo the changes. However, you should make sure to close all open Word documents first before proceeding. Then, open the document in Insert mode, and select “Editing” in the Advanced Editing options. Under the “Type mode” tab, uncheck “Overtype” and save your changes.