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Numbered List Markdown

The numbered list markdown format begins with a number, a period and a space , followed by the desired text. The space before the item delimiter indicates the list’s level. Items at the first level start with three spaces, and the rest follow. You can nest numbered lists into multiple levels, with the first item displaying the number one. The second and third items show the number two and three, respectively. As with bullet point lists, spaces are important in numbered lists.

1. aaa
2. bbb

The ordered list tag controls numbering. In addition to a start and end attribute, it has reversed and start attributes. In addition, you can add elements to the list by indenting them. If you are using a different language, you may want to consider using a special character to escape leading 1.

The numbered list markdown style allows you to nest sublists. To nest a sublist, place it indented four spaces. Adding double spaces will allow you to indent further. The example below shows five levels of nested lists. A single space between the second level and the last level will create a new list. Then, repeat the process for each level. The numbered list markdown style should look similar to a nested list, but you should make sure you are using a standardized one.

If you use a numbered list format in Markdown, you must also make sure the elements in the list are separated by a blank line. The backslash character will show the numbered list as a single line, but it will not be indented when the next level is reached. When you insert images, you should also make sure that the alt text you provide is informative for the reader. When a user hovers over an image, a small pop-up will appear. You can also include a title in the alt text to provide more details.

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