How to Set Up WordPress Email Forwarding

wordpress email forwarding

You can set up email forwarding for your WordPress website using the domain you have registered. This way, you can keep the existing email address you’ve registered, or create a new one for your domain. To activate email forwarding, sign into your WordPress account. Next, navigate to My sites and click the Configure tab. Look for the Domain field. Once you’ve found it, click the Save Changes button and you’re done!

You can also enter a catch-all email address to forward all emails to one email. You can also choose to include a failure message that will be sent back to the sender. Otherwise, select the ‘Reply to all’ option and the message will be sent to all recipients. To hide email addresses, use the ‘Bcc’ field. Alternatively, type in the recipients’ email addresses. You can even add a second email address, such as ‘cc’.

You can also add a domain name for your WordPress site to your web hosting plan. Most hosting providers offer email domains without a website. You’ll need a hosting plan to use an email domain. Shared hosting plans cost the least, so you’ll probably want to go with a shared plan. Many hosting providers will offer you a free domain name for the first year! Hostgator and Bluehost have good options! WordPress comes with an email summary, but not built-in email. If you’d like to use it with your own email, you’ll need to contact a hosting company.