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What You Need To Know About Our Company

With a passion for data and technology, we build the software tools to optimize your business.

Instead of big, expensive, custom development projects, we focus on tools that are run by us and used my multiple clients in long lasting relationships. This provides our customers with minimal cost and risk.


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What Services We Offer For You

A variety of services, focused to optimize you business

Web Apps

Tools to manage your business data and processes


Reduce manual work by automating processes

Advanced Analytics

Data Pipelines and Dashboards to monitor your business activities

Marketing Optimization

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Business Ventures

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Business Strategy

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Tool Consulting

You are trying to build something on your own and need some guidance? We can help

Whether you need advice with picking the right tools for your project or something is not working as it should, just hit us up and we see, what we can do.

Our Projects

Examples of what we have build

App: Advanced Email Validator API

Description: Verify if a email has a valid structure, is not a disposable email and the DSN points to a valid mailserver.

Tech: Laravel

Link: Rapid API

App: Custom Job offer management system

Description: a job management system for multiple business locations, with application form, employees-refer-employees and Google jobs integration

Tech: WordPress, ACF, Elementor

App: Bidmanagement for Trivago

Description: Importing Campaign performance Data from Trivago FTP Server, load into a database and calculate new CPCs for all Hotels with a custom algorithm

Tech: PHP


App: Monitoring of reporting data

Description: create and manage monitors to check if the reporting data in a snowflake database in within expected ranges. Send email alerts if now.

Tech: Laravel


App: CRM for WordPress plugins

Description: Scraping the WordPress Plugin database. Quick-select plugin creators for potential giveaway sponsorships. Find contact information. Send half-automated outreach emails. Manage contact history.

Tech: Laravel

Customer: wp-deals

Our Tech Stack

We always try to pick the perfect tool for the job. These are the ones we love the most:

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