Markdown Bullet Points

In HTML, the bullet point is a special type of paragraph, and is usually separated by a space. It is used to highlight key information in a list. Bullets are composed of key words or phrases. A colon is usually used to introduce a list, and an introductory sentence may end with a question mark or period if the list is complete. Using a comma or semicolon as an introduction is not recommended.

If you’re unsure what this is, it’s a list of items separated by spaces. You can use an asterisk (*), a plus sign (+), or a hyphen (-). When you use an asterisk, you should leave a space between each item. The delimiter itself doesn’t affect the text rendered. The number of spaces before the item delimiter indicates the level of the list. You can nest a list with up to three levels of bullets. The output will indent from both margins.

Images are also supported, but they must be preceded by a corresponding exclamation mark. Alternatively, you can use an asterisk to indicate a hyperlinked image. Markdown applications differ in how they handle images in the middle, but it’s generally acceptable to include the text associated with a link. The alt text reminds the editor of Markdown what the image is about and what it can do. If the image is a picture, the title will appear in a pop-up when the user hovers over the image.