How to Create a Markdown Bullet List

markdown bullet list

If you have a list of items, you may use a markdown bullet list to create a hyperlinked format. The markdown markup treats line breaks as bullets, which makes it easy to resume the list after a break. When creating a bullet list, you must use the same character for all list items, such as a colon, dot, or period. Using the same character for all items is recommended, since it makes it easier to format the list correctly.

Bullet lists in Markdown use a hyphen, plus sign, or asterisk (*) as a delimiter. A space between the delimiter and the item determines how many levels are present in the list. Each level of the list can be as many as three levels deep. An empty line will separate the list items. The list content will render as a paragraph. It is important to note that you can use an asterisk, plus sign, or hyphen to distinguish bullet points from regular text.

A markdown bullet list is not limited to a bulleted format. You can use the arrows or other formatting to distinguish between bullets and numbers. You can also add code using back ticks, which is a markdown-based format for links. Whether you use it for a bulleted list or a regular text document, a markdown formatted list will look perfect. If you are looking for a bulleted list in Markdown, you can easily create a link by following the steps above.